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Pocket Skate Mag Premieres Monster’s Tour Report Episode 3

Anotha one! Pocket Skate Magcranks out some more magic from the Monster Super Tour in the 3rd episode of new series ‘Tour Report,’ that combines the behind the scenes elements of their ‘Followed’ series but with multiple people on a classic team skate trip. In the latest episode, they follow the #MonsterSuperTour into the streets of Stockholmm and Vilnius to stack some clips! Hop in the van with Pocket Skate Mag to see what being on the #MonsterSuperTour feels like in the third episode of ‘Tour Report: Stockholm and Vilnius’ featuring Kevin Baekkel, Gabriel Fortunato, Jorge Simoes, Marina Gabriela, Dlamini Dlamini, Justin Sommer, Braden Hoban, Charlie Munro, Vilma Stal, Panos Loupis, David Jakinda, and James Griffiths. Filmed by Daniel Galli, Bennet Rahm, and Jack Thompson, edited by José Valduga.

Check out the RAW cut of Monster’s Side Mission video and the first 2 episodes of ‘Tour Report,’ below!

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