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Santa Cruz Shares The Emmanuel Guzman Story in ‘True Grit’

Santa Cruz, CA’s Emmanuel Guzman has been Pro for Santa Cruz Skateboards for almost two decades. In that timespan, Emmanuel has put together one hell of a career. Today, Santa Cruz released his ‘True Grit’ episode to give you an in-depth look into Guzman’s life, skateboarding career, and how he avoid a dark path through skateboarding and his family and friends. From his early days as a kid skating the streets of Santa Cruz, to his rise to the top of the skateboarding world, Eman’s story is one of perseverance, dedication, and True Grit. Watch the full episode, produced, directed, and filmed by Joe Perrin, co-produced and filmed by Trevar Cushing, and edited by Brendan Zipfel, above!

We’ve been working with Santa Cruz and their riders for a minute! Check out some of The Berrics projects with the brand, below!

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