Watch Blake Johnson Skate Barcelona’s Born Plaza

Blake Johnson has been spending a lot of time in Barcelona, Spain, lately and—after winning his Round 1 King of MACBA match against Trent McClung this month—it looks like he’ll be there for a while yet. In his latest video for Bones Bearings, Johnson lets off a little post-MACBA match steam at the utterly perfect Born Skateplaza on Passeig Circumval.lació—built above the dressing rooms for the adjacent sports center’s swimming pool (he could literally go have a shvitz after the sesh). Blake Johnson is Born to roll… watch his recent clips at the spot, above!

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Johnson for the past five years on a bunch of projects; take a look at some of his Berrics videos below. And shop our selection of Santa Cruz products in The Canteen!

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